The certificate used for secure HTTPS connection to the UCOPIA captive portal on controllers with a version older than 4.4.20 or 5.0.19 or 5.1.11 will expire on March 26, 2018. These x509 certificates ensure the portal’s authenticity, as well as the confidentiality of users’ authentication on the portal through the HTTPS protocol. This certificate is also used for RADIUS authentication.

A new certificate through GlobalSign (Certification Authority) is now available.
Frequently asked questions:

Question: What happens with the UCOPIA controller if the certificate is not updated?

Answer: When the certificate expires, a security alert appears on the captive portal. For some browsers, it can prevent them from working properly. However, for an optimal use of our solutions, we recommend that you check and update your UCOPIA controllers, in order to avoid these kinds of inconveniences.

Question: What are the consequences of this certificate change?

Answer: The certificate has changed its name to controller.access.network (formerly controller.mobile.lan). This change was mandatory for safety reasons, and the “ .lan” extension is no longer valid. This means that accessing administration tools will be done by using https://controller.access.network/admin for the administration tool and https://controller.acccess.network/deleg for the delegation portal.

Question : What versions of UCOPIA are affected by this certificate modification?

Answer : All of them.

Question: How do you update a controller ?
Réponse :
Depending on the version of UCOPIA in place, there are three possibilities:
1- The version is superior or equal to 4.4.20 or 5.0.19 or 5.1.11
The new certificate is included in the latest production version and available with corrective updates for the maintained versions. The controllers will then automatically be updated by installing the update through our Administration platform, if they are configured to do so (i.e. automatic installation of updates).
If automatic installation of updates is disabled, you either have to enable it or manually install the update.
a- Enable automatic installation of updates
1- Connect to the administration tool
2- Click on the "Operation" menu
3- Click on the "Update" tab
4- In the « Corrective update » section, click on the link« Activate »
b- Manual installation of updates
1- Connect to the administration tool
2- Click on the "Operation" menu
3- Clik on the "Update " tab
4- In the "Manual update" section, click on button "Browse" and select the previously downloaded file (certificate)
Note: Previous corrective updates need to be downloaded beforehand.
5- Click on the "Confirm" button.


2- The version is inferior to 4.4.20 or 5.0.19 or 5.1.11 and the controller is still covered by a maintenance contract.
Download link : https:update.ucopia.com/update/controller.access.network.zip
Password to unzip the certificate file : zEpkM4TV
You can download the pdf procedure through the following link : https://wd29-ucopia.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2018/03/CERTIFICATE_UPDATE-procedure.pdf
To install the certificate, once the archive is downloaded and extracted, you should obtain the following files:
- controller.access.network.pem
- controller.access.network.key
- CA.pem
You will have to go through the following steps:
Step 1 : Installing the new certificate
1- Connect to the administration interface.
2- Click on the “Configuration” menu.
3- Click on the “Authentication“ tab, then “Certificates”
4- In the “Import/show certificates for captive portal » section, click on the « Browse » button and select the following files:
- CA.pem for "Certification Authority Certificate (CA)"
- controller.access.network.pem for "Controller Certificate"
- controller.access.network.key for"Controller Private Key"
- contact the technical support team to have the “Private key password”.
5- Click on “Confirm“.
If you use RADIUS authentication, you have to install the certificate in the RADIUS part as well


Step 2 : Changing the controller name
1- Click on "Configuration" menu
2- Click on "Controller" tab
3- Change the name of incoming and outgoing VLAN by « access.controller »
4- Click on "Confirm"
3- The version precedes 4.4.20 or 5.0.19 or 5.1.11 and the controller is no longer covered by a maintenance contract.

Please contact the sales team on +33 (0) 1 40 92 54 66; sales@ucopia.com